Airport Services

Because Duluth International Airport deeply cares about traveler’s convenience, together with the gorgeous terminal it is offering them other amenities.

DLH Kiosk

Easily accessible DLH Kiosk is located in the baggage area, ready to assist passengers by directing them to all sights, bites and stays that are nearby. Everyone who visits Duluth International Airport should take a tour around.


Duluth Airport offers all of the travelers the convenience of free high-speed wireless internet to stay connected. Once arriving at the terminal, passengers are welcome to connect to “Duluth Airport Public Wi-Fi”.

Lost and Found

Traveling sometimes can be really stressful. Losing an item will only add stress and make the whole experience even more frustrating. If something like this happens at the Duluth Airport, the administration will do its best to assist you in the situation. There are three ways to discover an item. All of them depend on the location or time of dropping it.

In case of losing an item during the screening process, TSA representatives will be in charge of assisting you with the issue. In order to reach their service agent, feel free to dial: (218) 727-7430.

When dropping an item on the terminal or other airport grounds, the security office will be a traveler’s best bet. Their contact number is (218) 625 - 7763. If an item was left on the plane, passengers should contact their airline directly.